economic and social upgrading
in global production networks


The Capturing the Gains international research network has been built over a period of two years (2007- 2009) through a series of conferences and regional workshops.

The initial proposal to establish this research programme was formulated at an ILO Research Conference held in Geneva in December 2006.

Following that, the ILO supported a series of country workshops bringing together a wider group of local and international researchers and policy stakeholders. These were held in South Africa (March 2007), Beijing (April 2007) and Bangalore (December 2007), funded by the ILO and a planning meeting of the core group held in the USA (April 2007) funded by the ILO and participant institutions.

Following on from these events, further momentum was provided by seed-corn funding from DFID and SDC. This facilitated an additional regional workshop in Brazil in April 2009, and an international workshop bringing all members of the research network together, held in Manchester in December 2008.

The workshops laid the basis for building a network based on a common research agenda that supports the advancement of private sector strategy and public policy in this field.