economic and social upgrading
in global production networks

Briefing notes

Briefing notes are written by Capturing the Gains researchers, to present research findings in a succinct, accessible format.

Briefing note number Title and author/s
Revised Summit Briefing:
06.3 (February 2013)
Women in value chains: making a difference. Michelle Christian, Barbara Evers and Stephanie Barrientos.
Revised Summit Briefing: 06.2 (February 2013) Economic and social upgrading in global apparel production networks. John Pickles and Shane Godfrey.
Revised Summit Briefing:
06.1 (February 2013)
Mobile phones: who benefits in shifting global value chains?. Joonkoo Lee, Gary Gereffi and Dev Nathan.
05 (October 2012) Economic and social upgrading in tourism global production networks:findings from Uganda. Michelle Christian and Francis Mwaura.
04 (February 2012) Tourism global production networks. Michelle Christian.
03 (November 2011) Global value chains, upgrading and poverty reduction. Joonkoo Lee, Gary Gereffi and Stephanie Barrientos.
02 (February 2011) Blood on your mobile phone? Capturing the gains for artisanal miners, poor workers and women. Dev Nathan and Sandip Sarkar.
01 (January 2011) Trade crisis and recovery: restructuring of global value chains. William Milberg and Deborah Winkler.