economic and social upgrading
in global production networks

Working papers

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Working Paper Number Title and author/s
2014/42 Social and economic upgrading in floriculture global value chains: flowers and cuttings GVCs in Uganda. Barbara Evers, Flavia Amoding and Aarti Krishnan
2014/41 Social and economic up and downgrading in Brazil’s hortifruiticulture. André Funcke, Gilberto Mascarenhas, John Wilkinson and Paulo Pereira
2014/40 Improving wages and working conditions in the Bangladeshi garment sector: the role of horizontal and vertical relations. Nazneed Ahmed and Dev Nathan
2014/39 Global and regional supermarkets: implications for producers and workers in Kenyan and Ugandan horticulture. Barbara Evers, Maggie Opondo, Stephanie Barrientos, Aarti Krishnan, Flavia Amoding and Lindani Ndlovu
2013/38 Economic and social upgrading in global logistics. Neil M. Coe and Martin Hess
2013/37 Restructuring of post-crisis GPNs: tourism in Indonesia. Girish Nanda and Keith Hargreaves
2013/36 International airline groups in Africa. Piotr Niewiadomski
2013/35 Developmental uses of mobile phones in Kenya and Uganda. Johann Maree, Rachel Piontak, Tonny Omwansa, Isaac Shinyekwa and Kamotho Njenga
2013/34 Aid for Trade in a world of global value chains: chain power, the distribution of rents and implications for the form of aid. Frederick Mayer and William Milberg
2013/33 Governance and upgrading in export grape global production networks in India. Sukhpal Singh
2013/32 New strategies of industrial organization: outsourcing and consolidation in the mobile telecom sector in India. Sumangala Damodaran
2013/31 ‘Precarious upgrading’ in electronics global production networks in Central and Eastern Europe: the cases of Hungary and Romania. Leonhard Plank and Cornelia Staritz
2013/30 Capturing the jobs from globalization: trade and employment in global value chains. Xiao Jiang and William Milberg
2013/29 Capabilities, costs, networks and innovations: impact of mobile phones in rural India. Balwant Singh Mehta
2013/28 The zero-fee tour: price competition and network downgrading in Chinese tourism. Dev Nathan, Yang Fuquan and Yu Yin
2013/27 How social upgrading drives economic upgrading by Indian IT majors: the case of telecom IT services. Sandip Sarkar, Balwant Singh Mehta and Dev Nathan
2013/26 Tourism overview: changing end markets and hyper competition. Michelle Christian and Dev Nathan
2013/25 The co-evolution of concentration in mobile phone global value chains and its impact on social upgrading in developing countries. Joonkoo Lee and Gary Gereffi
2013/24 Workers’ agency and re-working power relations in Cambodia’s garment industry. Dennis Arnold
2013/23 Innovation and upgrading in global production networks. Dev Nathan and Sandip Sarkar
2013/22 Developing countries in the global apparel value chain: a tale of upgrading and downgrading experiences. Thomas Bernhardt
2013/21 Local embeddedness and economic and social upgrading in Madagascar’s export apparel industry. Cornelia Staritz and Mike Morris
2013/20 Local embeddedness, upgrading and skill development: global value chains and foreign direct investment in Lesotho’s apparel industry. Cornelia Staritz and Mike Morris
2013/19 Economic and social upgrading in tourism global production networks: findings from Uganda. Michelle Christian and Francis Mwaura.
2013/18 Poverty and local linkages in the tourism value chain: a study of upland economies in China and India. Dev Nathan, Govind Kelkar, Yang Fuquan and Yu Yin
2013/17 Better Work in Central America: assessing the opportunities for upgrading in Nicaragua’s apparel sector. Jennifer Bair and Gary Gereffi
2013/16 Vulnerable workers and labour standards (non-)compliance in global production networks: home-based child labour in Delhi’s garment sector. Resmi Bhaskaran, Dev Nathan, Nicola Phillips and C. Upendranadh
2013/15 The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. John Pickles and Shengjun Zhu.
2013/14 Towards sustainable labour costing in UK fashion retail. Doug Miller
2012/13 Economic and social upgrading in apparel global value chains: public governance and trade policy. John Pickles
2012/12 South African horticulture: opportunities and challenges for economic and social upgrading in value chains. Stephanie Barrientos and Margareet Visser
2012/11 Economic and social up(down)grading in tourism global production networks: findings from Kenya and Uganda. Michelle Christian
2012/10 Vertical specialization and industrial upgrading: a preliminary note. Xiao Jiang and William Milberg
2012/09 Global inequality, rising powers and labour standards. Dev Nathan, Sandip Sarkar
2011/08 Back to the Future? A critical reflection on Neil Kearney’s mature systems of industrial relations perspective on the governance of outsourced apparel supply chains. Doug Miller, Simon Turner and Tom Grinter
2011/07 No longer available.
2011/06 Economic and social upgrading in global value chains: Analysis of horticulture, apparel, tourism and mobile telephones. Thomas Bernhardt, William Milberg
2011/05 China’s New Labour Contract Law: State Regulation and Worker Rights in Global Production Networks. Tu Lan and John Pickles.
2010/04 Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Production Networks: Problems of Theory and Measurement. William Milberg and Deborah Winkler
2010/03 Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Production Networks: Developing a Framework for Analysis. Stephanie Barrientos, Gary Gereffi, and Arianna Rossi
2010/02 No longer available.
2010/01 Re-embedding governance: global apparel value chains and decent work. Frederick Mayer, John Pickles