economic and social upgrading
in global production networks

Multimedia resources

'Cost of Stuff: As the price of stuff drops the human cost goes up'

Discussion with Doug Miller, Chair in Worker Rights in Fashion, Northumbria University, UK, and Fiona Sadler, Head of Ethical Trading, Marks and Spencer. Watch the video.

Please note: the labour cost figure quoted for a T-shirt is 2.2 pence and not 22/23 pence, as originally quoted. See the revised powerpoint available here (PDF, 255KB) for updated information.

'Promoting women’s economic empowerment: PrOpCom’s experience in Nigeria'

Presentation by Tiffany Urrechaga of PrOpCom at M4PHub conference, Brighton, UK, 7-9 November 2011. Download the presentation (PDF, 2.9MB). Watch the YouTube video.

Made in the World

A short film explaining the features of global production and trade, using the example of a Nokia telephone, featuring Hubert Escaith, WTO, Chief Statistician. Watch the YouTube video.