economic and social upgrading
in global production networks

Summit briefings

Summit Briefings informed panel discussions and stimulate debate at the Capturing the Gains Global Summit, ‘Capturing the Gains in Value Chains’, held in Cape Town, South Africa, 3-5 December 2012. Recommendations arising from debate with key stakeholders at the Summit will be incorporated into revised versions of the Summit Briefings.

Summit Briefing topic Title and author/s
Overview of economic and social upgrading. Economic and social upgrading in global value chains: emerging trends and pressures. Stephanie Barrientos, Gary Gereffi and Dev Nathan
Apparel (post-Summit revised version) Economic and social upgrading in global apparel production networks. John Pickles and Shane Godfrey
Agrofood Shifting South: horticulture in a changing supermarket landscape. Stephanie Barrientos
Women in value chains (post-Summit revised version) Women in value chains: making a difference. Michelle Christian, Barbara Evers and Stephanie Barrientos
Mobile phones (post-Summit revised version) Mobile phones: who benefits in shifting global value chains? Joonkoo Lee, Gary Gereffi and Dev Nathan.
Governance Governance in a value chain world. Frederick Mayer and Anne Posthuma.
Trade International trade and the relation between economic and social upgrading. Thomas Bernhardt and William Milberg.