economic and social upgrading
in global production networks

Press coverage

Press release: Improving links between established firms in the developed world and emerging firms in the developing world. A route out of poverty? 14 November 2012.

Article in the Cape Times, 22 November 2012: 'Stereotypes cloud complex situation amid turmoil on Cape fruit farms.'

Article in Newsletter of Citrus Growers' Association of Southern Africa, 23 November 2012.

Article in the Cape Times, 29 November 2012: 'Supermarkets wield power in farm market'.

Research cited in Business Report article 30 November 2012: 'Fruit pickers to protest as wage deadline nears'.

Article on 5 December 2012: ' The real complexities behind De Doorns'.

Article in Business Report 5 December 2012, citing South African Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies' speech to the Summit: 'SA must climb value chain and spread gains – Davies'.

First of two-part blog by Peter McAllister, Director, Ethical Trading Initiative, 14 December 2012: Who captures the gains of global trade?

Capturing the gains: improving the lives of workers and producers through global value chains - Stephanie Barrientos blogs on Next Billion, 30 November 2012.